Olive Oil & Vinegar

We married the “market” side of the store with a vast selection of the highest-quality Oils and Vinegars that can be found in the world.
If you visit our store in person, you can TASTE (at your own pace, in any combination you wish) over 68 different oils and vinegars within our full tasting bar and dispensary!  

We always bottle on demand, when you select your favorite, in an effort to maintain the highest quality.


 Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (UP) is the HIGHEST STANDARD of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world,  exceeding IOOC (International Olive Oil Council) standards for extra virgin olive oil.  

This stuff is liquid gold.

Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Rest easy.  

When you see this UP logo, you know you’re getting a bottle of some of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, with loads of pepperyness and bitterness, which are both indicators of amazing olive oil – with high levels of polyphenol content, low in Free Fatty Acids.

We don’t try to ‘sway’ you into buying olive oil because its packaged in a beautiful bottle.
We bring the data to back it up.

One of our favorite quotes is “In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data.” ( Author Unknown)  And we don’t just have the data and chemistry on a shelf, it is clearly posted on each fustis of Olive Oil. 


Find more information about the world’s highest standard of extra virgin olive oil here.  


* Product inventory subject to change, call or visit us to see the latest selections of Oil and Vinegar.